Point Distribution

The point distribution app allows you to view all the data points at once. Several interactive tools are provided to visualize different aspects of lipid-protein interactions with all lipid groups defined either in the submission or found in the submitted system. You can filter the data using the dropdown options.
Note that errors are only supported for multi-protein systems!

A slider functionally allows for tweaking the displaying of individual data points based on their metric value. Another way to filter the data is by specifying the amino-acid three letter code (e.g. arg, leu, tyr). There is a dropdown menu to select the different metrics calculated. The colormaps are linear from lowest to the highest value. We use the colorcet library for the colormaps.
Tip: You can put metrics on both the x and y axis and compare them against each other.

For more information, please see the Visualization Reference on the documenation pages.