Test Data

Example data to test the functionality of the webserver.

I. Overview

We provide several datasets that you can freely download and use to test the webserver.
Each category below contains results for a different system or protein. Within each category, files are separated according to their size. If you only want to test the functionality of the webserver, you may want to choose the smaller files as they are faster to compute, but please note that results won't be as accurate compared to the larger files. Once you decide on a system, download the files to your machine.

System Time (μs) Resolution Large Size Small Size
Smoothened 5 μs martini
Serotonin 5 μs martini
GIRK 5 μs martini
COX-1 5 μs martini
COX-1 0.4 μs atomistic

2. Quick instructions with default options.

  1. Unzip the downloaded file.
  2. Go to the Submit page
  3. Provide a title and name of choice for the protein
  4. Upload the trajectory and coordinate files in the appropriate fields.
  5. Select a cutoff value (e.g. for martini systems 0.7 nm and for atomistic systems 0.4 nm)
  6. Select the type(s) of analysis you'd like to perform. Contact-analysis is computationally the most demanding.
  7. Submit