Density Distribution

2D density maps are one of the most used visualization tools to highlight lipid-protein interactions. Using a color-gradient they show differences in the density of a lipid molecule/group in the system, making them an easy and effective way to plot the higher or lower localization of lipids.
This application gives the user the possibility to tweak and change many of the option that go into the calculation of 2D density maps. Most notably, the ability to choose what part of the bilayer (in terms of z-axis range) to use in the calculation of densities.
Several other options are also interactive: the number of bins to use for the binning of the data, the color-scheme employed, the possibility to show/hide the protein, and to hide density values lower than a cutoff value using the colorbar specific slider. Density Distribution

This difference between this application and the other ones, is that here analysis is done in real-time. The densities are not pre-computed, rather they are calculated upon user input.

Please note: changint the z-axis slider range will trigger the re-calculation of densities, which, while very fast, is not instantenous and so it may take a few seconds for the app to update.
For more information, please see the Visualization Reference on the documenation pages.