Heatmap & Density Viewer

The following application aims to highlight the structural details of lipid-protein interactions.
First, the calculated metrics from the contact-based analysis are used to color residues with a white-to-red color gradient. Basically, the redder the color the higher the metric. These contact heatmaps options will only display if contact-based analysis was selected in the submission form.
Click Show Contact Heatmaps and switch between the different metrics calculated. analysis in the submission form, then the options to visualize the contacts as projection heatmaps will not show for you.
Note that errors are only supported for multi-protein systems!

NGL is a WebGL based 3D viewer powered by MMTF.

To change for which lipid you want to visualize contacts, simply use the "Showing lipid" dropdown menu.
You can also load the density of the lipid that is being displayed. Please note, however, that the file size of the density will be around 15 MB and so depending on your internet connection it may take some time until it is displayed on your screen.
To change the isolevel of the density, hold shift and use the scroll wheel (or the equivalent of the scroll wheel for laptops). After loading the density, several other options will appear to change the type of rendering and to view the density as a slice representation (basically, a moving 2D density).
Please also note that density calculations makes sense if the protein was fixed during the simulation or has been been postprocessed so that it is centered.
For more information, please see the Visualization Reference on the documenation pages.