Error Bars and p-values

Having four protein copies in each system allows us to calculate various statistics that we can use to measure the statistical relevancy of lipid-protein interaction results. In the application below we use a two part figure to showcase the error values of the DE indices (depletion-enrichment) calculated.

The left figure shows average DE indices (n=4) for all GPCRs simulated grouped by lipid type. The average and first and third interquartile ranges as well as the distribution of the data points itself can be visualized by toggling the Statistic button.

The right figure shows the p values of the data selected (or all p values if no data is selected). Every time a selection on the left figure is detected it triggers the right figure to update the data it displays. To make multiple selection hold the shift key during selections.
Considering that the range where p values can fall is quite wide compared to the region of interest, we use a Lituus Spiral to map p values in the range 0 - 0.1. Values larger than 0.1 are simply added on top of the 0.1 positon.