Radar App

The following application is designed to compare how different metrics compare against each other. That is, for each residue and for each lipid, within the selected distance cutoff, how do the different metrics that are calculated compare? The importance of this application lies in the fact that defining parameters to measure lipid-protein interactions is easy, but it is still important to have a comparison between all the different ways we are measuring interactions.

The metrics highlighted here are very simple measurement of contacts and different from what ProLint currently uses by default for user-submitted jobs. The parameters we showcase here are:

- TotContNr : The total number of contacts (the sum of all contacts),
- TCNco100 : The total number of contacts longer than 200 ns.
- MaxDur : The duration of the longest contact.
- AvgDur : The average duration of contacts.
- AvgDurco500 : The average duration of contacts longer than 1 μ
- DEindex : A relative depletion-enrichment index (DEindex adapted for each residue)